Welcome to the Stearman Archive

Welcome to the Stearman Archive supported by the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum (located near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada). You will find detailed information about Stearman Aircraft used by Forest Protection Limited, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, as well as information regarding Stearmans that have been used in New Brunswick in aerial application programs from other parts of Canada. From 1952 to 1968, Stearmans were contracted by FPL from all over the United States and Canada.

This is a history of Forest Protection Limited’s association with over 200 Stearman aircraft from the United States and Canada used in the spruce budworm aerial spray program, primarily in the province of New Brunswick. This text is based on FPL’s files and image collection and from many other sources.

This is a work in progress, and will take years to complete, so be patient.

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Check out our sister site, the TBM archive/blog.

One thought on “Welcome to the Stearman Archive

  1. Congretulation for your site, I have many photo from Stearmans at Patapedia airstip and Cap Chat airsrtip about 1954 and 1958.
    My phather worked for N.B.I.P in this years.
    Could you send me your Émail address for send the photos;
    Have a nice day


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