A rearrangement, and an aircraft identified

I have broken up the grouped years in the Timeline and added them into their own years. This is in anticipation of additional material to be added soon.

Recently I accessed the considerable resources of the staff at Library and Archives Canada (LAC, the federal government), which houses a treasure trove of information. A staff member pointed out the location of a series of aircraft accident cards for the years 1949 to 1977. I accessed these and found many Stearman and TBM Avenger cards that detailed accidents, some of which I had not yet heard of. These ranged from minor to serious.

The first cards can be seen in the year 1952, where I have been able to identify the Central Stearman that crashed: N1316N #18!

More to come.

3 thoughts on “A rearrangement, and an aircraft identified

  1. Hi Chris,

    I’m the owner of Stearman 75-1653 alias 41-8094 alias N64926 and now F-AZCK in France.
    I discovered yesterday through Your fabulous website that she was in new Brunswick in 1966:
    #88 N64926 1427829442_camera_ios7_ios_7 Roane Flying Service, Jeanerette, Louisiana [Don McKnight image]

    I wanted to download the picture, but could’nt.

    If You know how to do this or have a mean to contact Don McKnight, I will love it!

    I’m looking for photos from the post war Years of this Stearman and haven’t anyone.
    I’m also interested for any document You could have.

    I have the FAA documents home with the modifications made by Roane Flying service with a Wasp Jr engine, many photos form now and military years also if You are interested in.

    I thank You very much.


  2. Hi chris.
    Hi sent you an email to this adress, but the mailer daemon answer is: no valid IP address could be found for recipient domain nb.nb.ca
    You can send me the photos at the adress:
    emilal AT orange DOT fr
    Many Thanks!


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