CF-Kxx, -Lxx Series, -MSB, -Oxx Series


1941 Boeing Stearman A75N1 (PT-17), #75-1702

Did not spray in New Brunswick.

Owners: Skyway Air Services Ltd., Langley, British Columbia / Harrington Air Services Ltd., Industrial Airport, Edmonton, Alberta

– Manufactured 1941.
– Imported to Canada in 1958 as CF-KPX.
– Flew as CF-KPX (no number known) for Skyway Air Services Ltd., Langley, British Columbia. Registration cancelled 27 May 1982.

Accident: 1515 MST, 12 August 1966, Grand Prairie Airport, Grand Prairie, Alberta. Operator was Harrington Air Services Ltd. operating as Airspray Ltd. The pilot was Norman Stanley McLeod, age 31, VRC-7699. “Circumstances: During take-off with a full load of fuel and fire fighting chemical, the aircraft swung to the left off the runway and overturned in soft ground. The swing started 630 feet from the start of the runway. Rudder was used first then brake but the swing could not be stopped. Probable Cause: Failed to take directional control on take-off: applied corrective measures too late.” The damage to the aircraft was substantial, and pilot McLeod was not injured. [DOT Accident Report, Serial No. 3080; Department of Transport accident card]

 Believed to be in Wetaskiwin Alberta. Early Airspray fleet mid 1960s. Stearman CF-KPX. Via Robert Petite, 28 April 2017.

– Registration issued 13 February 1990 and cancelled 6 December 1990. Owner Watson Clarke, Calahoo, Alberta.
– Registration issued 29 April 1999 and cancelled 27 April 2000. Owner 331567 Alberta Ltd., Surrey, British Columbia.
– Aircraft removed from the Register 27 April 2000, eventually sold to USA as N1431C (Aerial Visuals)


Boeing E75 (no other details)

Flew in New Brunswick?

Owner: Wheeler Air Lines

Accident: 24 June 1958, Pabos Airstrip, Gasp, Quebec [location?]. Pilot Michael Gordy, YZC-7073, age 27. Aircraft crashed during takeoff. Damage was extensive, but the pilot was not injured. [Department of Transport accident card]

CF-KQB #59

1944 Boeing Stearman Kaydet A75 (PT-13B), #75-0255

Flew in New Brunswick: 1966, 1967, 1968

Owners: Hicks & Lawrence Ltd., Ostrander, Ontario / AgAir Ltd., Dawson Creek, British Columbia / Central Aviation Ltd., Wetaskiwin, Alberta (Norman Rix) / Byron Reynolds, Wetaskiwin, Alberta / Reported at Reynolds Alberta Museum, Wetaskiwin, Alberta.

History: (Aerial Visuals)
– Constructed as an PT-17 by Boeing in 1944.
– Circa 1940 – Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Army Air Force with s/n 40-1698.
– Imported to Canada in 1958 and registered as CF-KQB.
– Flew as #59 for Hicks & Lawrence Ltd., Ostrander, Ontario.
– Registration issued 3 April 1974 and cancelled 3 September 1998, AgAir Ltd., Dawson Creek, British Columbia.
– Registered 16 September 1998 and cancelled 10 November 1998, Central Aviation Inc., Wetaskiwin, Alberta (Norman Rix).
– Re-registered 10 November 1998 and cancelled 12 January 2006, Central Aviation Inc., Wetaskiwin, Alberta
– Re-registered 12 January 2006 to Byron E Reynolds, Wetaskiwin, Alberta.

Stearmans loading, Juniper NB, Jun 1967
Hicks and Lawrence Stearman loading, Juniper New Brunswick, June 1967. Based on the tail number possibly being #59, this is CF-KQB. [FPL Files]

CF-KQJ #54

1943? Boeing Stearman E75 (PT-13), #75-5739

Flew in New Brunswick: 1958

Owner: Northcana Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

CF-KQJ Northcana #79 taken in front of the hangar at St. Thomas Ontario, 13 August 1960.
The picture makes reference to Downsview Ontario but I am sure this is at St. Thomas.
[Bill Hayes, flickr, comment]

Accident: 1830 EST, 25 April 1961 at Little Rapids, Ontario. “On 25th April, 1961, D. Boughner of Simcoe, Ontario,” was flying CF-KQJ from a private airstrip operated by Northcana Limited of St. Thomas, Ontario. … during the initial climb, the pilot’s vision became obscured by venting fuel and the aircraft crashed shortly after. The pilot was not injured but the aircraft was substantially damaged. [DOT Accident Report, Serial No. 1293]

“… the fuel sight gauge located on the underside of the upper wing centre section fractured, allowing fuel to escape into the airstream.” Even though the pilot was wearing protective goggles, he “found his vision badly obscured. He considered that the fuel supply would quickly become exhausted and attempted a shallow left turn to return to the airstrip. The aircraft stalled during the turn and the left wing dropped. Recovery was made but the aircraft touched down on soft ground and the undercarriage came in contact with a fallen tree trunk, which caused the aircraft to overturn.

The fuel gauge sight glass had failed from fatigue during the take-off or shortly thereafter.”


Boeing Stearman B75N1 (no details)

Did not fly in New Brunswick.

Owner: Airspray Ltd., Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Accident: 22 July 1960, 8 miles east-southeast Kelowna, British Columbia, while water dumping. Pilot Victor Calvin Jackson, age 24, XDS-612. The aircraft struck a tree in flight and was destroyed. Pilot Jackson was killed.

CF-LOB #69

1942 Boeing Stearman B75N1 (N2S-3), #75-1836

Flew in New Brunswick: 1957 with Medford as #88 N57415 and in 1958 with Airspray as CF-LOB #69. See Aerial Visuals.

Owner: 1956-58: To Medford Air Services, Medford, OR, with c/r N57415 #88. To Airspray Ltd, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, with c/r CF-LOB #69.

The late “Linc” Alexander flew CF-LOB for Airspray in the 1960s. Two chapters in his book Firebomber into Hell describe fighting fires with a Stearman.

From Bill Larkins - 27Feb2014, via AgAircraft.
 Airspray Stearman CF-LOB #69. Posted to AgAircraft 27 Feb 2014 by Bill Larkins. [Bill Larkins photo]
Airspray Stearman CF-LOB #69, 1960, Westaskiwin Alberta. Linc Alexander, from Firebomber Into Hell. (2010)
Airspray Stearman CF-LOB #69, 1960, Westaskiwin, Alberta, used for firebombing. [Linc Alexander, from Firebomber Into Hell (2010)]
CF-LOB in Edson in 1961 by Lloyd Anderson. Via Robert Petite, 28 April 2017.


1942 Boeing Stearman A75N1 (PT-17), #75-4854

Did not spray in New Brunswick.

Owners: Skyway Air Services Ltd., Langley, British Columbia / Conair Aviation Ltd, Abbotsford, British Columbia

CF-MSB Skyway
Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet with spray gear / Owner-Operator: Skyway Air Services / Aircraft Registration: CF-MSB / Location: Abbotsford (YXX / CYXX), Canada – British Columbia / Date: June 1969 Month is a guess / Photographer: Dave Welch, Air-Britain PIC


1941 Boeing Stearman A75N1 (PT-17), #75-2043

Flew in New Brunswick: 1968

Owners: Evergreen Air Services, Roxboro, Quebec / Peter Sleeman, Richmond, British Columbia.

– Constructed as a A75N1 by Boeing with s/n 41-8484 USAAF.
– Flew as #2 CF-OMH for Evergreen Air Services, Roxboro, Quebec.
– Registered 14 May 2001 as C-FOMH to Peter Sleeman, Richmond, British Columbia.


Boeing Stearman E75

Did not fly in New Brunswick

Owner: Airspray Ltd., Evergreen Air Services

Airspray Ltd. CF-OMM, probably at Wetaskiwin, Alberta, late 1950s or early 1960s. Posted to
CF-OMM Airspray. Posted by Terry Fletcher to Stearman Biplanes on 27 Aug 2020.

Accident: 21 May 1968, 5 miles southeast of Peers, Alberta. Pilot Kenneth Gailey, YZC-8108, age 35. During a commercial ferry, “the aircraft collided with a highway signpost after making a forced landing … due to fuel exhaustion. Damage was substantial, but the pilot was not injured. Cause was cited as inadequate maintenance inspection and a malfunctioning fuel quantity gauge. [Department of Transport accident card]