CF-VOB #76

1941 Boeing Stearman A75N1 (PT-17), #75-2779

Flew in New Brunswick: 1967, 1968

Owner: General Airspray Ltd., St Thomas, Ontario / Sportair Ltd., Coldstream, British Columbia (Rhys Perraton)

History: US Army Air Corp serial no 41-25290, constructed as a PT-17, then N1323N prior to coming to Canada as CF-VOB with General Airspray, probably in the 1960s, later re-registered C-FBYI. It was briefly registered as CF-MMB before reacquiring its original designation, CF-VOB. This aircraft has had several accidents.

Larry Johnson of Washington state cleared up some confusion concerning this aircraft [email 25 Oct 2015]. Larry has a Stearman site on flickr that has 555 Stearman images. (See his photostream.)

“Rhys Perraton owns CF-VOB. He bought it, I think with two other men, as C-FBYI and it was involved in an accident, an engine failure resulting in the a/c going down in the woods in a boggy area close to Vernon BC. At that time it was registered as Fairflight Ltd., with Rhys being a major partner. Rhys bought it from a fellow in ON [Ontario] Canada and ferried it to BC. Rhys bought out the other owners after the accident and owns it solely but registers it to Sportair, his company.

“I live in Washington state and repaired/restored the a/c for Rhys. It was a major repair as the landing gear was torn out of the fuselage in the accident. A lot of the fuselage frame was damaged as well as lower wings, engine, prop, etc.

“While it was being repaired he wanted to get the VOB registration back as it was originally that aircraft. When he first started to change the registration, VOB was assigned to a different type a/c in Canada and the owner refused to let Rhys have/buy the registration marks. Rhys then changed C-FBYI to CF-MMB. Time went by and when I was ready to put the final finish colors on the a/c Rhys got in touch with the owner of CF-VOB one more time to see if he could buy the registration markings from the man. As it turned out that man said that aircraft was wrecked and he would give up the registration markings. He canceled it with Transport Canada and Rhys picked it up for his a/c. So I painted the a/c CF-VOB, the first markings that it had when it came to Canada. It never flew as CF-MMB only as C-FBYI and CF-VOB, of course, and in the US as N1323N.

“Not sure who owned it as N1323N. Rhys may have that information but I do know some of the early records are missing. I had the log books when I worked on the a/c but Rhys has them now.”

Aerial Visuals history, with some additions:
– Constructed as an A75N1 by Boeing.
– Circa 1941 – Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Army Air Force with s/n 41-25290.
– Date? To unknown owner with c/r N1323N. Operated as #43. [possibly as a crop duster in California]
– Circa 1960 – To General Air Spray, Ontario, with c/r CF-VOB. Operated as #76. [Flew in New Brunswick in 1967 and 1968, and in Ontario for several years.]
– On 19 December 1997 – To Ulrich V. Hanus, Mississauga, Ontario, with c/r C-FBYI (A75N1, 75-2779).
– On 27 July 1999 – To Ulrich V. Hanus, Surrey, BC.
– On 4 June 2009 – To Fairflight Ltd, Vernon, BC. [Rhys Perraton, major partner]
– [2009 to 2011 – Repaired and restored in Washington state by Larry Johnson.]
– On 21 January 2011 – To Sportair Ltd, Coldstream, BC, with c/r CF-MMB. [Rhys Perraton]
– To Sportair Ltd, Coldstream, BC with c/r CF-VOB.

Another shot from Paul Hodgins. N1323N became CF-VOB. Posted by Larry Johnson to AgAircraft 11 Feb 2011.
Farm Lake airstrip, Quebec, 1958. Left to right: N1074N (#44), Skyway CF-HKZ (#80), and N1323N (#43), which became CF-VOB. The two U.S. Stearmans appear to be sister aircraft, but the company is not known. Posted by Larry Johnson to AgAircraft 11 Feb 2011. Photograph by Paul Hodgins.

CF-VOB #76 General Airspray

“As CF-VOB it was operated on floats by General Air Spray in Ontario as a crop duster with a P&W 985 engine. In 1970, it had an accident and was withdrawn from service. I wanted to get the CF-VOB registration back for my aircraft but was not able. I have now re-registered it as CF-MMB and it’s restoration is at an advanced stage (March 2011). The aircraft is now CF-VOB again and flew yesterday (2015) for the first time after restoration!!”
[Rhys Perraton emails, current owner]

See images of the restored CF-VOB by Larry Johnson on FLICKR. “I shot these after I finished up a major repair including covering the a/c.” [Taken on August 18, 2014 ]

General Airspray Stearman on floats
General Airspray Stearman CF-VOB #76 on floats and with spray gear. [FPL Files]
General Airspray Stearman CF-VOB, Jun 1967
General Airspray Stearman CF-VOB #76, this time on wheels, 1967. [FPL Files]

Accident: 3 June 1970, Corry Lake, Ontario (1.5 km southwest of Chalk River. CF-VOB was equipped with floats for this period. Pilot John Acteson, C-5819. “The pilot was returning … following a 55 min routine spray run. While in the circuit for landing on the lake [Corry Lake], there was a complete power loss.” The aircraft landed heavily on the lake. The cause was fuel exhaustion. Damage was substantial but the pilot was not injured. [Department of Transport accident card]


In 1987-1989 this Stearman was rebuilt and re-registered as C-FBYI and flown by Robert Clark in Berwick, NS. In 1990 it was moved to Fredericton, New Brunswick, for ten years and flown by John Connor, until being sold to Ontario and again restored in Burlington.

See also for an image taken in 2002. has a couple of colour images of C-FBYI from 2006 in Vernon, British Columbia. Apparently this Stearman crashed sometime in 2006: “Sadly, this beautiful Stearman suffered an accident and needs a rebuild.”