Timeline of Stearmans in New Brunswick and Other Provinces: 1952 to 1973

9 thoughts on “Timeline of Stearmans in New Brunswick and Other Provinces: 1952 to 1973

  1. Re photos marked with icon – do you need special software to view these individual pictures ? I dont seem to be able to open them by clicking on the icon

    —- The camera icon – 1427829442_camera_ios7_ios_7 – beside an entry means that there is an image of that specific Stearman for that year


    1. The icons do not connect to anything … yet. I have many images, and I haven’t figured out how to show them. I hope to tackle this in the new year (2017). If you have suggestions, please get in touch with me. Thanks for the feedback.


  2. Chris – The reason I ask is that I’m a sub-editor for a website AERIAL VISUALS – we try to illustrate the history of aircraft ,worldwide, that have former military service history , as all Stearmans have. I can’t help with the query of displaying photos on your site – but if you have a couple of photos
    that show the tail number / registration of the aircraft – if you could send them (as large a file size as possible) to terranceisalso@gmail.com – I will show how we could add them to illustrate the airframes history – if you are able to do this – please also advise the full name that should be shown for the credit of the photographer and if possible an approx date


  3. In the 1964 season, Barney Flieger’s quote, “one of only two incidents worth mentioning was a ground loop by a Stearman.” I’m wondering if the other was a 172 Cessna which overshot the runway on take-off at the southern end of the runway, cutting off the nose wheel. No injuries. I witnessed this from the radio control tower.


  4. My father died in a crash 6/20/57 about 3 miles from Budworm City. His name was Elwyn Behnke he was there with Medford Air Service flying N1054N. Any info or pictures or reports would be helpful.

    Mark Behnke


  5. My father was killed 6/20/57 just south of Budworm City His name was Elwyn Gail Behnke. He was flying for Medford Air Service N1054N.
    Any info or pictures would be helpful

    Mark Behnke


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