New Brunswick

Active Airstrips: Boston Brook, Budworm City, Charlo, Horne’s Gulch, Nictau, Renous. Dunphy, Taxis, Juniper, Tabu were built after the spray season.

6 Cessna 170s
40 Stearman, although the FPL report mentions 80 aircraft sprayed in both New Brunswick and Quebec. No details.

It took twenty days, from June 6 to 26, to complete the New Brunswick portion of he project. “Because the season started earlier there, it was possible to deploy almost he entire fleet from the six operational airstrips before shifting part of it to Quebec.”

Central Stearmans at Green River NB, 1955
Unidentified Central Stearmans at Green River Research Area, NB, 1955. [FPL Files]
Accidents: One Stearman crashed into the bush out of Budworm City, with no injury to the pilot. “Less fortunate was pilot Sam LeFever of Lancaster, Ohio, who ended up in hospital with a fractured shoulder when his plane crash-landed in a heavily wooded area near Horne’s Gulch airstrip.”


DDT on 1,040,000 acres via 40 Stearman [Webb et al. 1961; Blais et al. in Prebble 1975] Airstrips used were Cap Chat, Laverendrye, Nouvelle and Farm Lake (Webb et al. 1961). Spraying wound up for the year on June 29.

Images of three crashes

The FPL files reveals images of three Stearman crashes in addition to the ones in 1952 and 1953. Details of owner, registration, pilot, injuries, location and year are sketchy, so these are presented together here.

Stearman wreckage
Wreckage of Stearman #52. [FPL Files]
Stearman #53, N9718H, wreckage
Wreckage of Stearman #53, N9718H. [FPL Files]
Stearman #59 N56940 wreckage
Wreckage of Stearman #59, N56940. [FPL Files]