New Brunswick

Airstrips: Boston Brook, Budworm City, Charlo, Dunphy, Juniper, Tabu, Taxis, Horne’s Gulch, Nictau, Rose Hill, Sevogle. Grog Brook and MacFarlane were built after the spray period.

13 Cessna
90 Stearman, no details

The 1956 operation was the biggest to date. “Robert Rychlicki, general manager of Wheeler Airlines, scoured Canada and the United States rounding up ninety Stearman sprayers.” Four new airstrips were constructed. This was the first year that Forest Protection Limited formulated and mixed its own insecticide. In previous years it had been purchased ready-made in the U.S. The mixing plant was built beside a siding in Chatham. Spraying was completed June 27.


DDT on 400,000 acres via 32 Stearman [Webb et al. 1961; Blais et al. in Prebble 1975] Airstrips used were Patapedia, Cap Chat and Farm Lake (Webb et al. 1961). Spraying was completed July 1.

British Columbia

Experimental spray for Black-headed Budworm in northern Vancouver Island sprayed by one Stearman from Skyway Air Services in June. [Lejeune in Prebble 1975]