New Brunswick

Airstrips: Boston Brook, Budworm City, Charlo, Juniper, Taxis, Grog Brook, Nictau, Renous, Sevogle. Kesnac was built after the spray season for 1960 project.

12 TBM-3E
17 Cessna
76 Stearman
– 52 USA
– 17 Canada

Because of the success of the 1957 operation, the program in 1958 was cut back to 2,588,000 acres. This was the first year that the TBM Avenger was used in the spray program.

Wheeler is principal contractor from now on.

Partial list of Stearmans organized by tail/project number – 1958

Farmers Air Service, Klamath Falls, Oregon (2)
#3 N58680
#4 N53483
Piller Air Service (1)
#15 N1152N
Ueding Flying Service, Vincennes, IN (4)
#20 N54945
#21 N55898
#22 N9955H
#24 N61603
Quaadman Dusters, Corcoran, CA (4)
#31 N1318N
#33 N56843
#34 N68461
#35 N68455
Farm-Air Company? (6)
#43 N1323N 1427829442_camera_ios7_ios_7
#44 N1074N 1427829442_camera_ios7_ios_7
#121 N1085N
#122 N69248
#123 N53084
#124 N69176
#125 N56938
#126 N52740
Simsbury Flying Services, Simsbury CN (4)
#95 N58067
#96 N58065
#97 N60255
#99 N9386H
Marsh Aviation Co. Inc., Mesa, AZ (14)
#201 N53025
#202 N53033
#203 N56383
#204 N56805
#205 N59950
#206 N64385
#207 N68162
#208 N75623
#209 N64386
#210 N75861
#211 N75360
#212 N54653
#213 N65684
#222 N54899
Hammer Crop Dusters Inc., Sacramento, CA (6)
#353 N59998
#354 N62834
#355 N62955 1427829442_camera_ios7_ios_7
#356 N53178
#357 N53132
#358 N4787V
Mid Continent Aerial Sprayers Inc., Hayti, MO (5)
#431 N61322
#432 N61604
#433 N63266
#434 N9487H
#435 N48769
Flying M Company (5)
On list, but no project numbers assigned and no aircraft registrations listed.
Twinn Pest Control – Canadian? (1)
xxx 50
Northcana Ltd., Toronto, ON (1)
#54 CF-KQJ
Hicks & Lawrence Ltd., Ostrander, ON (3)
#58 CF-
#59 CF-KQB?
#60 CF-JOU
Wheeler Air Lines Ltd., St. Jovite, QU (7)
#61 CF-EQS
#62 CF-EQT
#63 CF-EQU
#64 CF-EQV
#65 CF-EQW
#66 CF-EQX
#67 CF-EQY
Airspray Ltd., Wetaskiwin, AL (2)
#68 CF-IAD
#69 CF-LOB?
Bradley Air Services, Carp, Ontario (5)
#71 CF-FBD?
#73 CF-DQP?
Leavens Brothers Air Services Ltd., Essex, ON (4)
#75 CF-FRY
#76 CF-FRW
#77 CF-FRZ
#78 CF-GAR
Skyway Air Services Ltd., Langley, BC (2)
#80 CF-HKZ 1427829442_camera_ios7_ios_7
#82 CF-DQL

Accident. Apparently a Stearman owned by Joe Hammer suffered damage during an accident, date, location and registration not known. According to a letter from Art Seller of Skyway Air Services to Barney Flieger of FPL (February 4, 1959), Skyway “paid Joe Hammer to pick up the wrecked machine and take it to California at a cost to us of $600 plus the additional cost of sending a truck and a man down to Sacramento to bring it back to Langley.” Skyway thought that they should have been paid “return trip ferry time for the aircraft.” Seller also complained that letters to Wheeler Airlines had gone unanswered, and that payment for the project had not yet been received.

Flieger wrote back on February 9 that he believed that Sellers would not get any payment for the wrecked machine from Wheeler, the reason being that Wheeler could not recover it from the spraying authorities. Flieger stated that FPL cannot become financially involved with crashed aircraft as such aircraft are covered by insurance. By prior agreement FPL had decided to pay ferry costs only on aircraft that flew back home.


DDT and 760,000 acres, 47 Stearmans and 7 TBMs. [Webb et al. 1961; Blais et al. in Prebble 1975] Airstrips used were Farm Lake and Pabos (Webb et al. 1961).

Biologists announced that the budworm population had collapsed, and that no more spraying was needed. The five-year Quebec program was over.

British Columbia

“Skyway Air Services Ltd. of Langley B.C. operated a number of Boeing Stearman for fighting forest fires. A group of them worked from the Bear Creek airstrip on Harrison Lake in 1958. Due to the success of the operations in 1958, by the spring of 1959 operators had equipped up to 18 aircraft with firebombing tanking systems including 5 Beavers, 5 Avengers, 5 Stearman, 2 Junkers and 1 Husky.” [Gord Bell, 2011]


Maine launched its second budworm spray program in 1958, with 302,000 acres in northeastern Aroostook County sprayed. The project was carried out by Simsbury Flying Service of Simsbury, Connecticut, with a fleet of eight TBMs for large areas and two Stearmans for use around irregular boundaries. FPL did not supply the aircraft for the Maine job but instead supplied DDT.