New Brunswick

Active Airstrips: Dunphy, Juniper, Kesnac, Taxes

17 Cessna
20 TBM-3E
42 Stearman – no details

A letter (October 31, 1960) from Richard Reade, president of Mid-Continent Aerial Sprayers, Inc. of Hayti, Missouri, gave Barney Flieger his “sincere appreciation at having been able to join with Wheeler Airlines in Budworm, 1960.” Reade himself did not take part in the operation in New Brunswick but did express an interest at working on Budworm 1961.

An experimental spray using the bacterial insecticide Bacillus thuringiensis against spruce budworm (60 ac) was applied by a Stearman aircraft on May 30, 1961 [Morris et al. in Prebble 1975].


DDT on 33,000 acres, Stearman [Blais et al. in Prebble 1975]

British Columbia

“The 1960 fire season showed up in force in the Southern Districts in mid July following a severe lightning storm on July 13th. By the 18th the Kamloops District had 4 TBMs, 4 Stearman, 1 Beaver, 1 Husky and a B17. These aircraft were operating from Kamloops, Blue River, Sicamous and Kelowna and were hired from B.C., Alberta and the U.S.” [Gord Bell 2011]

“Air tankers accounted for over 2100 flight hours in 1960, primarily in the Kamloops District. The program this season however, did not escape mishap. Several landing accidents occurred at the Kamloops airport including an Avenger, Stearman and the B17, resulting in damage to aircraft only. On July 22, while actioning a fire near Kelowna, a Stearman operated by Airspray Limited of Westaskiwin struck trees and crashed into a ravine killing the young pilot from Alberta. This was the first fatal firebombing accident in Canada.” [Gord Bell 2011]

“(Departing Abbotsford [BC] for Frederiction May17/1961. L to R – Tom Wilson – Pete Deck – John Cline – Alexander Linkewich – Art Seller light jacket owner, Skyway Air Service). Flight Time 17hrs.5min’s.” Posted by Tom Wilson to Forest Protection Limited Alumni, August 24, 2012. [I wonder if this is not 1960, as the 1961 Stearmans all appeared to be Wheeler’s? – C. Adam]