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New Brunswick

Active Airstrips: Dunphy, Juniper (all Stearmans, June 1-8), Kesnac / All aircraft stood by at Dunphy airstrip waiting for the right insect development conditions and favourable weather.

14 Cessna
13 TBM-3e
2 Snow Commander
2 AgCat
15 Stearman – all Canadian from now on

Aerial spraying against the spruce budworm will commence in central New Brunswick in June 1, but at half the area as was conducted in 1966 (750,000 to 900,000 versus 2 million acres). The 900,000 acres includes 150,000 acres that may or not be sprayed depending on the success of the slated 750,000.

Stearmans organized by tail/project number – 1967

[From: Forest Protection Limited 1967 Project: Report on Aircraft Calibration. R.E. Hanusiak. 1967. FPL Files]

Hicks & Lawrence, St. Thomas, Ontario
#12 CF-UWK, pilot Mary
#13 CF-UWL, pilot McGlothlin
#14 CF-UWM, pilot Reeves
#59 CF-KQB, pilot Reynolds
#60 CF-ULY, pilot Eichar
Glenair Aerial Spraying, RR4, Bright, Ontario
#41 CF-UCB, pilot North
#42 CF-UCC unknown, pilot Williams / was N5812N
Wheeler Air Lines (1960) Ltd., St. Jovite, Quebec
#61 CF-EQS, pilot Skidmore
#62 CF-EQT, pilot Schuman
#63 CF-EQU, pilot Norman
#65 CF-SEK, pilot Schmidt
#67 CF-EQY, pilot Sloan
General Airspray Ltd., St. Thomas, Ontario
#71 CF-FBD, pilot Hodgins
#76 CF-VOB, pilot Beckon
#77 CF-FRZ, pilot Stenton

A note on CF-GAR

The number of working Stearmans is slowly diminishing. General Airspray Stearman CF-GAR was destroyed in an accident on May 27, 1967, in Franklin, Quebec, after it failed to maintain flying speed after an initial climb and stalled into trees. Pilot E.L. Stenton was not injured. [Dept. of Transport accident card]

Rescue Helicopters

RCAF #406, Boeing Vertol 107, no tail stabilizers

Sikorsky S-55, c/n 55-788, crashed and burned near Marathon, Ont. (year?), Dominion Helicopters Ltd., image from Taxis, N.B., 1967, RCAF 194568

Piasecki Vertol H-21 at Dunphy 1967, pods on side, possibly CF-JJW, RCAF to Okanagan Helicopters, Spartan AS – reg. as Dominion Helicopters. / A